Made in small batches

Small batch, big difference.

Riles and Co. candles are made in small batches, which means I'm able to control the quality of every candle produced. I do my best to design, create and deliver the highest-quality candle to you every single time. 

Quality over quantity. 

My mission is simple: To create a safe, beautiful, sustainable candle. But I made a promise to myself: I would never compromise on quality to grow my business while doing so.

So, to accomplish this, I spend a lot of time researching the best materials - from waxes and oils to containers and wicks - and devote all of my attention to every step of the candle-making process.

Since my candles are made in small batches - between 4 and 8 at at time - I'm not always able to ship products out immediately, but my goal is to always ship within one week and notify you if that should ever change.