Scent Menu


Spirited and inspired. 

Each scent I offer is carefully chosen and crafted. Made with high-quality fragrance oils, each candle delivers a unique, nature-inspired scent that's free of phthalates and vanillin.

1: Fig Leaf. Fresh, sweet and earthy, Fig Leaf combines the crisp, clean scent of the fig leaf, the slight sweetness of the fig fruit and the earthiness of the fig tree bark to deliver a soothing, calm, sophisticated scent. 

2: French Lavender. A true-to-life scent reminiscent of a walk through the fragrant lavender fields of Provence, French Lavender combines floral and herbal tones to deliver a supremely relaxing experience.

3: Garden Mint. Fresh and herbal, Garden Mint is the perfect scent for the spring and summer. Cool notes of mint leaves and crisp lettuce combine with earthy floral and woody undertones to deliver a smooth, invigorating scent.

4: White Peach. Rich and juicy, exactly as a plump white peach picked straight from the orchard would smell. White Peach combines sweet notes of peach and plum with light citrus undertones to deliver a fresh summer scent straight from Savannah.

5: Sea Salt. Reminiscent of an early morning walk along the salty coast, Sea Salt combines salty, ozonic notes with refreshing sea moss and earthy vetiver. Fresh and clean, this scent is slightly masculine and completely intoxicating.

6: Pear and Patchouli. A slightly sweet, slightly floral scent, Pear and Patchouli combines fruity citrus, guava and pear with floral jasmine, rose and violet and earthy cedarwood and patchouli for a decadent modern scent. 

7: Cedarwood and Sage. A soothing combination of natural cedarwood, clary sage, eucalyptus and moss, Cedarwood and Sage delivers a fresh, herbal, earthy unisex scent that leave you feeling calm and refreshed. 

8: Apple and Balsam. A gorgeous blend of juicy apple, cassis, jasmine and siberian fir, Apple and Balsam is a crisp, fresh scent perfect for the fall and winter months. This scent will be available beginning in the fall.

9: Pine and Eucalyptus. A crisp, earthy outdoor blend of pine, fir, cedar bark and eucalyptus, Pine and Eucalyptus delivers a true-to-life evergreen scent that will transport you to a forest filled with pine trees, freshly-fallen snow and fir needles on the ground. This scent will be available beginning in the fall.