made by hand


Handcrafted candles.

Riles and Co. candles are hand-crafted. From the pouring of the wax, to the adding of oils, to the application of labels and packaging for shipment, the entire process is done by hand. 

Because you're worth it. 

Not just a beauty tagline, huh? But seriously, unlike mass market candles - the ones that you can find in large retailers - my candles are produced carefully on a very small scale by hand. It's a meticulous process and a labor of love - one that I do happily to ensure you're getting the best.

Because every step of the process is done with high-quality ingredients and by hand, my costs are higher, which is why my candles are more expensive. But my goal is to make safe candles accessible, so I'm always working to lower my costs and ensure you're getting the best candle for your dollar.